Accounts Payable Check Configuration

This document describes how to configure the Accounts Payable Check form used by the StreamV Application.  This document

      Provides a brief overview of the ap check printing process.

      Describes the list and label form or template that is used to print or re-print vendor checks.  The standard form is identified and the form behavior is described.

      Details how to configure the list and label template used for ap check printing.  The accounts payable check list and label template must be configured to print to the correct printer prior to printing or re-printing any vendor checks. 

      The template should be updated when you install the accounts payable system and any time that the master or custom template used for the check is updated.

Please Note:  The StreamV AP Check Form uses a multiple feed or source printer to produce vendor payments.  The first page of each accounts payable check includes the check itself, and any invoice detail from the payment that fits on the same page as the check.  If the invoice detail for the check cannot be printed on a single page, the additional detail for the payment is output on plain paper (from a separate plain paper source on the same printer).   This logic differs from earllier versions of the system, which would use a single paper source and which would void checks if necessary when printing invoice payment.

Please also note: This document describes how to configure the form used to produce accounts payable check documents.  This document does not describe how to create, print, or re-print accounts payable checks.  For more information about these procedures, please see the appropriate sections in the Accounts Payable Documentation.


Check Printing Overview