Accounts Payable Maintenance/Utility Programs

This section lists the StreamV Accounts Payable Maintenance and Utility programs.  Currently the Vendor Name Change and Reconciliation Programs are the only VDF Accounts Payable Maintenance or Utility programs. 

The Vendor Reconciliation Program is normally run as part of normal night time processing.  It is used to rebuild the balances that are stored in each vendor record based on the open documents or transactions for the vendor.    The Vendor Reconciliation program can also be run manually using the System Reconciliation Program that is located on the Reconciliation/Audit Menu in the System Administration Module.

The Vendor Name Change Processor Programs are used to change the name of an existing vendor when the vendor name needs to be updated due to an entry error, or a change to the company name.  The Vendor Name change process is used to update the transaction history and open documents for the vendor so that the history is still associated with the updated company name.


AP Utilities