AR Invoice Creation – Ticket Billing

Ticket Billing allows you to “stage” shipments to selected customers in the Pending file, and to invoice those pending records to the customer either when a customer PO has been fulfilled, or at the end of a billing period. 

When Ticket Billing is used, each Ticket Billing Customer is identified in the Customer Manager.  The Ticket Bill for the Customer is set to Y, to indicate that the option is being used.

Ticket Billing orders for the customer are entered as normal orders (sales people need not do anything different during order entry).

When the order is completed it is automatically converted into a “shipper” (a shipper is a document that records the shipment of goods to a customer without actually billing the customer).  As each Ticket Billing order is completed, a shipping document is sent to the customer with the merchandise, and the inventory delivered to the customer is recorded in the pending file.

A sale is not recorded when a Ticket Billing shipment is made.  Once the shipments for the period have been completed, or a customer PO has been fulfilled, the system creates an invoice using the open pending records for the customer.  The invoice created by this process contains the line item detail for all shipments during the period and it is used to record the actual sale of the items.  As the customer invoice is created, the pending records for the customer are closed out.


AR Invoice Creation - Summary Invoicing