Bank System - File and Field Descriptions

This section provides a brief description of the primary data files that are updated or used when processing bank transactions.  These files are used by all versions of the System.  For more information about the purpose of these files or more detail about the fields that are stored in each file, please refer to the Field Level Help that is integrated into the application.  This Field Level Help system is described in the Application Help section of the System Reference documentation.

Bank File (File 83) - A record is created by the system in the Bank file for each accounts payable disbursement (check or wire transfer), or accounts receivable deposit that is processed on the system.  Bank records are also created when a customer check is voided after deposit, or when miscellaneous bank charges or deposits are processed using the programs in the Bank System.  Each Bank record stores the autopost number of the GL cash account that it is associated with, the division in which the transaction was processed, a reference number identifying the transaction (the check number in the case of accounts payable checks and a deposit number in the case of accounts receivable deposits or check voids), the journal entry number associated with the transaction, and the currency associated with the transaction.  Each bank record also stores several different amounts.  The amounts stored in each bank record include the check or deposit amount (in the currency that the transaction was processed in), the house or local currency amount (the amount of the transaction in local currency based on the exchange rate used when processing the transaction) and the cleared house currency amount (the amount at which the transaction actually cleared the bank).  The check amount and the house currency amount fields are automatically filled in by the system.  The cleared house currency amount is defaulted by the system but can be changed by the user if the check is in a foreign currency.  If the cleared house currency amount is changed by the user, the system makes the appropriate general ledger entries to record any additional gain or loss due to foreign currency.  All bank records also store a unique transaction number that is assigned by the system and used for internal purposes.

Journal Entry File (File 46) - Journal entries are created in the journal entry file each time a bank record is saved.  Each bank record should be associated with at least one journal entry.  Additional journal entries may be associated with a bank record if it is a foreign currency record that has been cleared at a different amount than it was created with, or if the record has been voided, or removed.  The journal entries associated with a bank record can be used to display detailed information about the invoices which were paid with a specific check, and to audit the bank activity against the general ledger.

Accounts Payable Register (File 82) - A record is created in the bank file when accounts payable invoices are paid with a check or a wire transfer.  Each accounts payable invoice stores the check number and the cash account of the payment used to reduce the invoice balance to zero.  These check or wire transfer numbers should all have associated records in the Bank file.  Each bank record created by the accounts payable system also stores information that allows the system to display the invoices and payment activity associated with a specific bank record.

Accounts Receivable Check File (File 84) - As accounts receivable check records are deposited, the system creates summary deposit records in the Bank file for the total amount of each deposit.  Each check record is updated with a unique deposit number when it is deposited into the bank account using the Accounts Receivable Deposit Management program.  This deposit number can be used to view the detail (AR checks) for a specific deposit.  If an AR check is voided (due to non-sufficient funds or a mistake) after it has been deposited, the system will create a negative deposit record in the bank file to record the transaction.


Bank System Parameters