Bank Transactions Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable programs and program options that can be used to create and update bank records are.

      Accounts Receivable Deposit Management The Deposit Management program is used to verify and to deposit the customer payments that are processed in the system.  The Deposit Management program is used to create summary deposit records for the customer check, cash, and credit card payments that are applied to POS and other accounts receivable invoices.  The Deposit Management program displays a list of the un-deposited AR Check records for a single cash (or POS) clearing account, and it totals the un-deposited records by batch number.  The program allows the operator to deposit a single batch of checks or other payments (credit card charges, cash receipts), at a time, to a single selected General Ledger Cash Account.  As each deposit is processed, one summary deposit record is created in the Bank file.  The summary deposit Bank record stores the total amount of the checks or other payments that were deposited into the bank.  Each accounts receivable deposit may only contain one currency.

      AR Check Lookup - Void Check.  The Void Check option in the AR Check Lookup program is used to void or reverse a specific customer payment. The AR Check program displays AR Check records.  The system creates AR Check records for each of the customer payments that have been processed on the system.  Each AR Check record stores the total amount of the customer payment, and other details

      and it posts the payments to cash or pos clearing accounts.

      The Deposit Management program is used to post summary deposits for each batch of AR Check record 

      The AR check records  paymentsThe AR Check program displays both deposited and un-deposited checks.  If a deposited check is later voided, this program updates the appropriate invoice records, makes a journal entry to reverse the payment and it also creates a bank record to record the change to the original deposit the check was included in.

      AR Invoice Lookup Issue Refund Check The Issue Refund Check option in the AR Invoice Lookup program allows you to issue a refund payment to a customer.  The Issue Refund Check option can be used to create a customer refund transaction against an open customer invoice with a negative balance.  When the operator selects  has a valid invoice with a negative open balance is selected, and the Issue  


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