Correcting an Unposted Inventory Receipt.

This procedure allows you to recreate the automatic posting that is made to the inventory and the inventory liability accounts when an inventory receiving transaction is processed.  The procedure is used to correct situations in which a specific receipt did not get posted due to a system error, incorrect general ledger or item configuration, or another problem.  You should not perform this procedure unless you are sure that a given receiving transaction did not post, and you are comfortable that you understand how the process normally works.  If you are unsure of how to verify a transaction has been posted, or if you are not comfortable with the concepts presented in this section, please contact Cove Systems personnel for assistance.

Note:  This procedure should only be used if your system is set up to automatically post inventory receipts and it should only be used to post receipts which are processed after the system has been configured to post the receipts.  This is critical to ensure a clean cutoff between receipts posted by the system and receipts which are manually posted.  In general, all Stream systems from file revision level 264 and higher automatically post receiving transactions.



Recreating the automatic posting