CRM Report Programs

The CRM Reports menu option is used to access the reports that are available in the Stream V CRM system.  The reports that are available in the Customer Relationship Module include Customer, Contact and Sales reports, as well as mailing labels and Accounts Receivable reports. 

Reports Menu Program

When you select the CRM Reports option from the CRM Pull-Down menu, the system displays the Reports Menu program.  The Reports Menu program is used to display and select reports.  As the Reports Menu program is executed, it displays each of the reports which are available on a single line.  The information displayed by the program for each report includes the report type, the report code or identification and the report title.

Report Template List

Once you have selected a report from the CRM Reports Menu, the system displays the Report Template List.  The Report Template list displays all of the report templates that have been created for the selected report. 

Report templates are used to store report selection criteria.  A “master” report template is used to store the default or standard selection criteria for each report.  The master template information is installed with the report and it cannot be changed.  Site and user templates are also supported by the system.   Site (or company wide) and user specific templates can be set up and maintained in order to allow customized report selections to be stored for future use.

The Report Template List program displays the templates that have been set up for the selected report.  The templates which are displayed include the master or default template for the report as well as any templates that have been set up for the site or the user who is running the report.

Report Panel

The Report Panel program is used to display the selected report template so that the selections can be accepted or modified.  The Report Panel is also used to run the selected report/template combination, or to submit the report request to the Job Processor (an automated processor that performs system tasks).

When the Report Panel program is executed, the program is loaded with the information from the selected report template.  This template information includes the report and the template title, which are displayed in the top section of the program, and the report selection criteria included in the template which is shown in the middle section of the program.

An output routing section in the top of the report Panel contains three radio buttons which are used to define the output routing or destination for the report.

The Display/Print option is used to run the report immediately and display the results to the operator.  Once the results are displayed, the operator can optionally print the report

The Email option is used to create a file copy of the report and email it directly from the system.


Product Sales Report

Customer Product Sales Report

Manu Product Sales Report

Product Sales Report One Break

Order Report

Order Report by Customer

Order Report by Item

Order Report One Break

Closed Customer Actions Report

Customer Incident Report

Contact Mailing Labels

Contact Mailing Labels By Company