CRM System Startup Overview

This section lists the basic tasks that should be completed in order to startup the Customer Relationship Management system.

The CRM system contains all of the Customer, Customer Contact, and ShipTo records that are used by the Order Processing, Accounts Receivable and other StreamV systems, and this module or system should be loaded and configured before you attempt to startup other systems that use customer and contact information.  The CRM system is typically one of the first systems that is setup as part of a new StreamV Installation.

Items that should be completed prior to CRM Setup

      Verify that the Tables used by the CRM programs have been loaded.  The records in the CRM system point to information that is stored in various Tables such as the Payment Terms, Shipvia, Viaterms, State, Country and Taxcode Tables so the information in these tables should be loaded before you import or create customers, contacts and shipto address records.


CRM System Startup Tasks