CRM System Training Outline

This section outlines the topics that operators using the CRM should be familiar with.

1.  CRM Files

1.  Company

2.  Contact

3.  Shipto

4.  Action

5.  Incident

6.  Opportunity

7.  Question

8.  Answer

2.  StreamV basic training, navigation, menu system, browse and grid behavior, sorting, finding records, running reports, emailing, document management

3.  Customer Creation and Editing

4.  Contact Creation and Editing

5.  ShipTo Creation and Editing

6.  Address Validation

7.  Customer, Contact and ShipTo Comments

1.  Company Standard Comments (pre-defined to allow security on view, edit and automatic printing on documents).

2.  Company Comments

3.  Company Item Comments

8.  Incident Management

9.  Opportunity Management

10. Action Records

11. Customer Profiling

12. Cross Reference Items

13. Required Documents

14. Marketing Options (outputting mailing labels, emailing customers and contacts)

15. CRM Query and other reporting.


CRM System Startup