Customer Credit Card Information

      StreamV allows you to store customer credit card information in the system.  Customer Credit Card information is optional and access to it can be restricted to  specific users.

      StreamV allows you to process credit card transactions by entering the appropriate credit card information during Order Entry, POS processing, or when processing transactions.

      StreamV also allows you to save customer credit card information so that it is associated with the customer, and can be used on a recurring basis.

      When customer credit card information is entered into the system, the credit card number display can be encrypted.  This allows you to specify which operators can view and edit the customer credit card information and which operators can only select from the existing credit card information for the customer during transaction processing.

      The Credit Card List program is used to view, select from and edit the credit card information for a specific customer.    The operators ability to edit the information shown in this list is controlled by the system policy F248: CCLISTED.  If the Policy is set to N (default value), the operator can see the last f

      The information stored for each customer credit card includes the card type, card number, the expiration date, and the Contact Name or Cardholder Name for the card.  The Cardholder Name must be filled in when the card name is not the same as the name of the Company the Order is being processed for.


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