Customer Loaner Lookup

The Customer Loaner Lookup displays the “Loaner” or no charge Invoice Lines that have been created for the selected customer.  The Customer Loaner lookup can be used to display open or closed Loaner invoice lines for the selected customer.

Loaners (sometimes also referred to as shippers) are a special type of order document that is used for shipping product to customers or other entities such as sales reps, at no charge.  Loaners can be used to send  samples and no charge replacement items to customers or to send out items to trade shows.  

Loaner Orders have document type of L and they are used to produce type OS (Order Shipper) or SH (Shipper) Invoice records.  The Shipper or Loaner invoice records have a balance of 0 when they are created and they are used only to record the shipment of the goods to the customer.  The customer is not billed for the goods and the system does not record a sale when the items on a Loaner order are shipped out.

When a loaner order is processed, the goods are shipped out and records are created in the “Pending” file for the items and quantities that were shipped out.  The Pending records are created as Open and they are assigned a document type of R. 

The open Pending records are used to track the merchandise that you have shipped to the customer and that you still own. 

The Pending records for the customer are closed by invoicing the goods to the customer, returning the goods to inventory or writing the goods off to a general ledger account. 

The Customer Loaner Lookup allows you to view all of the Pending records that have been created for the selected customer and to access detailed information about each Pending record displayed in the program.  The Customer Loaner Lookup allows you to view only open or only closed pending records for the selected customer and it also allows you to access the Loaner Detail Panel.

Selecting the records to be displayed in the Lookup

The Pending records which are displayed for the selected customer when the Customer Loaner Lookup program is activated are based on the Status Radio Buttons that are displayed in the lower section of the Lookup program.  You may select to display only open or only closed records by selecting the appropriate status option.  Once you have selected the status to display, the system will reload the program based on your selection.


Status Radio Buttons

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