Determine the Inventory Counting Method to be used

 The procedures to be followed when performing an Inventory Count depend on the counting method being used.  Therefore, the first step in processing an inventory count is to determine the type of count to be processed.  The system supports two different inventory counting methods, and these methods are not compatible.  Only one type of count should be processed in a single inventory location at one time.   The two counting methods supported by the system are the Cycle Count Method and the Complete Count Method. 

      The Cycle Count method is used when you are performing a partial count of the bin/item combinations in a single inventory location.

      The Complete count method is used when you wish to perform a count of all of the item/bin combinations in a single inventory location.

These count methods are described in more detail in the Inventory Counting Overview section of this document.  These procedures to be used for each method are presented in the following sections.


Processing an Inventory Cycle Count