General Ledger System Startup Overview

The General Ledger is the backbone of the StreamV accounting applications, and the General Ledger structure in the system should be set up before you try to import open invoices or begin any transaction processing.  Some of the information that you define during GL setup is used when you are importing accounting and other data, so the GL setup should be completed early in the system startup process.

Items that should be completed Prior to General Ledger Startup

      Define your division and department structure.  StreamV supports divisions (balance sheet entities) and departments (functional or geographic income statement entities).  You should create the division and department records in the appropriate Tables before you begin creating general ledger data.  You should have at least 1 division and 1 department record (division 1, department 1)

      Define the Chart of Accounts.  The system uses the Account Description file to define the different gThe system supports a  6 digit numeric account and a 6 digit numeric sub-account number.  The subaccounts are typically used to summarize activity on accounting reports.  For each account, you will typically have one subaccount (subaccount 0), and optional other subaccounts. 

You do not need beginning GL balances to start up the system, (they can be entered after you begin operations), but you must have your GL structure (chart of accounts and account period records) in place before you can begin to process transactions.

The General Ledger structure depends on some Table files in the system which include the Division Table, The Department Table


General Ledger System Startup Tasks