Hold Management Features

This section describes some of the major features that are included in the StreamV Hold Management System.

      Numerous Hold Options Orders can be held for credit, for terms, for pricing issues, inventory status or class, or for multiple other reasons

      Automated Order Hold Processing   The Order Processing System automatically audits sales orders as they are created and edited, and it places orders on hold when required based on the hold options and criteria you select.  Multiple different holds can be applied to an order at any one time.

      Automated Hold Release  During order editing, the system checks the open holds on the order and it releases any that should no longer apply (customer is no longer over their credit limit).

      Manual Order Hold Processing Operators can add holds to orders manually during order entry, and the shipping department can place orders on a warehouse or a shipping hold when required.

      Automated Hold Assignment Each hold reason or hold code can automatically be routed to the appropriate operator for review and release.  Sales related holds can be assigned to the sales manager, credit and tax related holds can be assigned to one or more accounting operators or groups.

      Clear single or multiple holds  Each hold reason or hold code can be cleared individually or all of the holds for a specific order can be cleared at once (depending on the operators hold release rights).

      Clear Holds from Multiple programs Holds can be cleared from the Sales Order Management program (to allow operators to release sales oriented holds), or from specialized Hold Management programs.  

      Hold Release rights  by Operator, Group or Branch The ability of each user on the system to release each hold can be set on an operator, group, or branch level.

      Automated Credit Card Processing The Credit Card Processing System automatically authorizes credit card orders as they are entered, and it allows you to void an authorization and edit and re-authorize existing sales orders when required.   Orders with valid credit card authorization information (and no other holds)  are shipped and completed, and the system automatically captures the credit card sale and applies the payment to the invoice.

      No Shipment of Orders on Hold  Orders for warehouse shipments that are on hold cannot be selected in the Picklist Management program.  This prevents the system from printing a picklist for the order (and you from shipping it), until all holds on the order have been released.

      No Requisition Processing for Orders on Hold  Some Order fulfillment methods automatically create purchase order requisitions that must be converted to purchase orders.   The system can automatically block you from placing a purchase order for a sales order that is on hold for any reason.


Hold Management Overview