Kit Processing - Other Processing

The system will also process kits when you run the Inventory Reconciliation and the Inventory Allocation routines.  The Inventory Reconciliation program is used to rebuild the inventory reserved, total reserved, allocated and on order quantities for each inventory item based on the sales, shop and purchase orders that have been entered into the system.  The Inventory Reconciliation program uses the Reserve Kit function to recalculate the correct quantities for the top and component items in each kit processed by the program.

The Inventory Allocation program is used to allocate inventory quantities to the sales and shop orders that are waiting for product.  This program also uses the FNRESKIT function to determine the correct amount to allocate for each top level kit and kit component.

Note:  One dis-advantage to the kitting system is the fact that the inventory reserved and allocated numbers for kit component items cannot be tied to specific sales order lines.  When Kitting is enabled, the reserved and allocated quantities for kit components can be from two different sources. 

      Sales and Shop Order Lines that are entered for the component part (these lines can be seen when you display the orders for an item in the Manual Allocation program).

      Sales order lines for any of the kits that include the component part.  The Reserved and Allocated quantities in a kit component also include the amount reserved and allocated by the system to any kit items that the component is included in.  A single component can be multiple different kits, so determining where the reserved and allocated quantities are coming from is more difficult when the kitting software is used.  The Kitting program correctly handles the top and component item quantities, but the system behavior is more complicated when the kitting software is in use.