Kit Processing – Picking Orders

Once the sales order line for the kit item has fallen into your scheduling window, and the kit has been allocated to by the system, and any holds on the order have been cleared, you can normally produce a pick list for the order line (the system also checks the partial flag in each order when determining if an individual order line should be output on a pick ticket and it does not print a pick ticket if the other lines are not ready and the order is flagged as no partial).

When a Picklist is produced for a kitted item, the system automatically “explodes” the kit part and it lists the actual component parts that need to be shipped to the customer on the pick list.  The Pick List program first prints a message that indicates “This pick list contains one or more kits consisting of the following parts.” The document then lists the parts and quantities that are included in the kit.

The Pick program then lists each component quantity to be pulled out of inventory and the bin that each quantity should be pulled from.

Once the picklist has been printed, the component parts are pulled from the appropriate bins and taken to the invoicing station so the order can be completed.

If any of the items in the kit are serialized, the operator uses the RFPICK program to verify the item numbers and serial numbers for the kit items (the serial numbers for the non-kit items are entered during Invoicing Order Completion).  The RFPICK program links all of the serial components to the sales order line for the kit item.  This allows the system to link the component serials to the invoice line for the kit item.

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