Maintenance Procedures

This section lists the maintenance procedures that should be performed at each month or period end.  Maintenance procedures are tasks that should be performed at the end of the month or period that are not associated with the accounting month-end.  Examples include building the sales accumulators in the Company Master file, and other tasks such as purging old data, clearing temporary records out of files, etc.  Maintenance procedures that should be performed for the accounts receivable system include the following tasks.

1.  Run the Build Company Master Accumulators program (FV054X01) This program is used to load the sales accumulators that are stored for each customer in the Company Master File.  The Company Master file contains accumulators that store the YTD, Last Year, Last Year2, Last Year3, and Trend sales amounts.  These amounts should be rebuilt whenever a month or a year end causes the amounts stored in the file to become inaccurate.  For example, the YTD accumulators should all be rebuilt each time a New Year is started (to ensure all YTD amounts are correct for the New Year).  The Trend accumulator (which can be loaded with prior year YTD sales) may need to be updated each month (if you are keeping the field loaded with prior year sales through current month).  To run the Build Company Master Accumulators program, you should select the accumulator to be rebuilt and enter the date range to be used.  Note:  The program can also be set to run automatically each night using the job processor.


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