Materials Explosion

“Materials Explosion” is the process of converting existing inventory items into the component inventory items that they are assembled from.  The Materials Explosion program is used to for this type of conversion or disassembly processing.  The Materials Explosion program allows the operator to select the inventory item and quantity to be processed and it then presents the operator with a list of the component parts that should be produced by exploding the selected item.  The list of components (parts and quantities), that are defaulted by the Materials Explosion program are based on the Bill of Material (BOM) for the inventory item being processed, and the quantity entered by the operator.  The component parts and quantities suggested by the Materials Explosion program can be modified by the operator as required to reflect the items and quantities which are actually produced as a result of disassembly processing.  This allows the operator to record defective or scrapped components during processing. 

The Materials Explosion procedure updates the Inventory Master file to reflect the inventory quantities which have been consumed and produced during disassembly processing, and it documents the changes made to inventory costs and quantities during processing in the Inventory Activity file for later reporting and analysis.  The Materials Explosion program is appropriate for exploding top level parts into component items to reflect disassembly activity.  It is NOT designed to handle any type of assembly processing.  You should use the Shop Order Process when assembling items from components.


Materials Explosion - Costing Method

Materials Explosion Transaction Processing

Materials Explosion - Detailed example