PayPal Processing - Payment Terms

When Automated PayPal Payment processing is being used, a PayPal Payment Terms record is set up in the Payment Terms Table.  The payment terms should have an 8 entered into the Automated Processing Code field of the record.  This indicates to the system that payment is being received for the order via PayPal.

Automated PayPal Processing Web Order Entry

When a sales order with PayPal Payment Terms is saved, the Ecommerce System takes the operator to the Paypal website, so that the payment information for the order can be entered into the PayPal System. 

If the operator successfully completes the PayPal Payment, the system saves the PayPal Authorization Number and Authorization Amount  to the Sales Order. 

If the PayPal Payment cannot be processed, the system will place the sales order on an 8 hold,  this prevents the order from being shipped out until the PayPal payment can be processed.


PayPal Processing - Order Editing