PO/Inventory Receiving Overview

The PO/Inventory Receiving Applications are used to receive inventory that you purchase from your vendors into the system.   This section.

      Provides an overview of the purchase order/inventory receiving process.

      Describes some of the options that are available in the system for adding supplemental costs (such as freight, duty, and customs fees), to the purchase order cost of the items being received into inventory.

Note: This section describes how to process purchase order and inventory receipts that are received into one of your warehouse locations.  The Purchase Order Receiving program is also used to receive items that are moved between your warehouses using the Inter-Facility Transfer (IFT) system.  The IFT process is described in the documentation for the Purchase Order System.  Vendor Shipment Purchase Orders which are not received into inventory, are also closed or invoiced using the Purchase Order Management program.  Vendor Shipment purchase order processing is described in the documentation for the Purchase Order and the Order Fulfillment Systems.


PO/Inventory Receipt Processing.

Adding Supplemental Costs during Receiving