Prior to Month-End

1.  Make sure all required transactions have been posted to the current period.  The purpose of this step is to make sure that all transactions affecting sub-ledger reports are processed prior to running the month-end version of the reports.  

      Verify that all A/P invoices have been Entered.

      Verify that all A/P manual checks have been posted.

      Verify that all A/R payments have been applied.

      Verify that all A/R invoices and credit memos have been produced and that no invoicing or accounting activity of any kind is taking place.

      Verify that sales for period have been posted (optional as the sales posting process does not change the balance on any end of period sub-ledger reports, and the system allows the operator to specify the period that each sales posting transaction will be posted to.)

      Verify that all inventory receipts have been posted, and that no inventory activity is taking place


At Month-End