RA System Files Used

The following section lists the primary data files which are used or modified when a Returns Authorization transaction is processed on the system.  Please note that this section only provides a brief description of how each file is used by the RA Module.  For more detailed information about each of the files listed, please refer to the File and Field Level Help that is 

Company File (File 54) The company file is where the customer records used by the order procesing, accounts receivable, and return authorization system are created and maintained.  Company records store default information such as the customer payment terms, shipping method, and freight terms that are used during order entry and invoicing.  Customer records also store other information that is updated by the accounts receivable and order processing system.

RA Header File (File 165) The RA Header file contains one record for each return authorization issued on the system.  The RA header file contains open as well as closed and deleted RA records.  Each RA Header record contains information about the entire return.  This information includes the Company name, the ShipTo company and address information associated with the return, the RA status and currency, the payment, and viaterms associated with the return and the shipping method associated with the return.  The division and department, and the invoice number (if applicable) that the return is associated with are also stored in the record.

RA Line Item File (File 166) The RA Line Item file contains one or more records for each open or closed return authorization issued on the system.  Each RA Line item is tied to a specific RA header record and to a specific item number and quantity.  Each RA Line Items also con

Invoice Header File (File 56) The Invoice Header file contains one record for each accounts receivable invoice in the system.  The file stores both open and paid invoices of various types.  Sales invoice types (OI, DI), unapplied payment processing transactions (OP, PP, DM invoice types), and Shipper or Loaner invoices are all maintained in the Invoice Header file.  Each record in the Invoice Header file must be assigned a unique invoice number

Invoice Line Item File (File 58) The Invoice Line Item file contains the line item detail for the sales and shipper or loaner invoices that are produced on the system.  The file stores the item numbers, quantities, pricing, cost and sales tax detail associated with each invoice.  The Invoice Line Item file will normally contain one or more records for each type DI,OI,DS,OS,FC invoice type.  Type OP,PP,DM invoices which are created during customer payment processing as unapplied payment documents, do not have line item records in the file. 

Serial Master File (File 26)

Serial History File (File 27)

RA Status Codes




D Deleted by operator



RA Header Type Codes

RA Line Item Type Codes


RA Disposition Types

CRD Credit to Pending

RDS Return to Depreciated Stock

RTV -RTV Sales Order

RA Statistics

RA Technical Information

RA Sales Order Modes

These modes are used when creating sales orders within the RA System






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