Safety Stock Lookup

The Safety Stock Lookup program allows you to view and maintain the safety stock quantities for a specific inventory item in each of your inventory locations.

Safety Stock is used to reserve in house inventory quantities in order to meet obligations you have made to your customers.  For example, you may guarantee that you will have at least quantity 4 of a specific item on hand at all times for the customer.    This situation can be handled by creating a safety stock record for a quantity of 4 for the customer and item combination.  When safety stock is defined for an item, the system will never allocate below the defined safety stock level for the item.  This ensures that the safety stock quantity remains in the warehouse, and it allows you to manually allocate the safety stock quantity to the appropriate customer(s).  When Safety Stock is defined for an item, the safety stock quantity must be manually allocated to the orders for the item.

The Safety Stock Lookup allows you to.

      View the Safety Stock details, (customers and quantities) for the selected inventory item.

      View and Edit the Safety Stock records for the selected item in the selected warehouse.


Zoom - Safety Stock Detail Panel

Safety Stock Detail Panel