Sales Messages Tab Page

The Sales Messages Tab Page allows you to setup and maintain sales related messages which are automatically displayed to operators when they are in the system.  These messages can be used for inspirational or promotional purposes.

Order Entry Section

The Order Entry section can be loaded with text information. If text is entered, the text or message will be displayed each time an operator activates the Sales Order Entry program.  The operator has to clear the message before they can continue entering (or editing) the order. 

Note:  Once you have entered an Order Entry comment, the comment must be deleted in order to disable the display in order entry.  The text is actually stored in a Textdata record – Type:MSG Code:ORDERENT

Keyword Results Screen Message

The Keyword Results Screen Message is displayed in the top of the Keyword Results Detail program.  This Keyword seach program is used during order entry when an operator needs to search for an item using a Keyword that is contained any of the defined search fields for each item.  The Keyword button in the Order Entry Item Panel is used to bring up the Keyword Results Detail program – which allows you to perform a keyword search on your inventory items.

The text displayed in this panel is maintained in a Textdata record –Type: KWD Code: MARKINFO


Actions Tab Page