Sales Order Hold Detail Panel

The Sales Order Hold Detail panel displays detailed information about the selected sales order hold record. This information includes the Hold Code and status, the date and time the record was created, and the operator the hold is assigned to.

If the hold record has been released, the release date, time, and the operator who released the hold are also displayed in the panel.

If the hold being displayed is open, and the operator has rights to the Assigned to and the Defer Til field, the Sales Order Detail panel may also be used to re-assign the hold to a different operator or to defer the hold.

The Assigned To field in the Hold record determines the operator that the hold is normally routed to and released by.  The defer date allows you to defer clearing a hold until a specific date and it is used to filter hold records in the Hold Management program.

Sales Order Hold Query

The Sales Order Hold Query is an SQL based reporting program that allows you to output information about open and closed sales order holds.


Hold Management Report Programs