Set the System Parameters Used for Holds Processing

The Holds Management System makes use of several different system parameters during transaction processing.  The parameters are located in the System Control File or file 248:.  These parameters should be reviewed and set properly by your system administrator or by Cove Systems personnel before you begin order processing.






Counter used to assign unique Hold# to each hold record.



Defines the hold code that is used when a picklist is re-set and put on warehouse hold.



The SOHOLD- parameters store the initials of the operator or Hold Rep that each order hold should  be assigned to.  If this parameter does not exist for a specific hold code, or if the info field is blank, the system will NOT apply the hold.  The SOHOLD records for all hold codes you wish to use must be present and have a value in the info field.



Determines if an H hold is placed on all Loaner Sales Order.  If the parameter is set to Y, the system will place an H on all loaner orders.  If the parameter is set to N, the system will not place an H hold on all Loaner orders.













Note:  The system will not apply a hold to any orders if the SOHOLD- record for the hold is not present in the system control file, or if the assigned to information for the record is not loaded.


Set up the Textdata Records that are used for Holds Processing