Set up Customer Specific Hold Information

Customer Status

If a customer is set to status H (On Hold), when an order is entered for the customer, the system will automatically place an A or Account Hold on the order as it is saved.  The Place Overdue Accounts on Hold option in the Customer Reconciliation program can also be used to set overdue customer accounts to Hold status.  When this process is used, the system will also place an Account hold on any open orders for each customer that it puts on hold.

Credit Limit

StreamV uses the credit limit, the open AR and the open Orders amount for each customer, when it determines whether to place each order on credit hold.  If the customer ar balance and the open orders amount (including the current order) are more than the customers available credit limit, a C or Credit Hold will be placed on the order by the system.

Use Limit field

If the Use Limit field in the customer record is set

Risk Level

Skip Holds

The Skip Holds field in each customer record can be used to prevent the system from applying one or more specific holds to a specific customer.  The field can be used to prevent holds from being placed on internal orders (like IFT Transfers, Returns to Vendors, or similar types of transactions), or to just prevent a certain hold to be


Hold Management System Startup Checklist