Set up the Accounts Receivable Parameters in the System Control File.

The Accounts Receivable applications make use of the information which is entered for the following parameters in the System Control File (file 248).  These parameters must be properly set up by the system administrator or by Cove Systems' personnel before any accounts receivable transactions are processed.  The parameters listed below may be set up on a branch, group or user by user basis in order to customize the accounts receivable programs to suit the needs of a specific user or group of users.  Please see the System Administration Guide for more information about the System Control File.

ARCAPEX1 - Cash app save exit routine.

ARCUMINF - This parameter determines the program which is used to display company information from within the AR Payment Entry and Customer Invoice History (FV056Q25) programs.

ARDEFACC - 56q25 -AR default

ARDEFED - 56s44 edit defaults?

ARDEFSUB - Accounts Receivable default sub account number

ARPINV#1 - Print routine in 56s44, 56s10, 56q25, 56q06

CADEFDS1 - Autopost number of default discount account 1






056s4401 - 56s44 (change dept)


056s44ar - 56s44 AR autopost

056s44ca - cash autopost)

056s44ds - discount autopost)

CATRNDEF - This parameter defines the default transaction code which is used by the AR Payment Entry program.  The name of the t

056s10di - default index in 56s10 (ORDERNO(default),COMPANY, INVNO, REP, PONO, REFNO, SHIPZ)

SOPRTORD - wrong - print key fax key in 56s10

INVDSPLY - Invoice display overlay in 56q25

SYSACNAM - 56q25 if set to COMPANY skip acct number field, 56q06,

TMCOMTYP - Company types to be displayed in the Invoice Lookup program (FV056S10).


Assign autopost numbers