Set up the AR Autopost information in the Generic Code Table

Each customer in the system can be assigned to a specific accounts receivable sub-ledger for situations where you wish to track your receivables in the general ledger based on customer type. If you are using this feature (it is optional), the appropriate accounts receivable autopost number should be specified for each customer during setup (a generic code table is also normally used to validate this field in the Company Master when this feature is implemented).

1.  If you will be using more than 1 accounts receivable control account in the general ledger you should create a generic code table to indicate what each AR control account is used for.  This will indicate which customers are included in each control account. This table will be used to validate the AR account used for each customer (to ensure the field is loaded and that it contains valid information) during customer setup and maintenance.

2.  The Gencode table that controls the AR_AUTOPOST field in the company file is named F54:220.  This table is normally named the Customer AR Autopost Table.  The records in this table are normally loaded with the accounts receivable control account autopost number (a value from 120-129), and a description of what the account is used for (“third party”, “group company”, and “holding company” are examples).

3.  If you are using only one accounts receivable control account, you should assign the GL account an autopost of 120 (the default) and you should not need to load the AR_AUTOPOST field in the company records or create the above Gencode table.


Set up the Payment Terms that will be used in the Accounts Receivable system