Set up the information that will be used for Sales Tax Processing

The accounts receivable system uses information stored in the Generic Code Tables and in the Taxcode file when calculating and processing Sales Tax or Vat (Value Added Tax) for accounts receivable transactions.  The information in the Gencode and Taxcode files is used when assigning the default sales tax information to new or existing Customer and Shipto records and this information is also carried into and saved in the transaction records (invoice line items) that you create in the system.

The sales tax information that will be used during accounts receivable processing should be set up before any sales orders or invoices are created on the system.  This information is set up and maintained in the Gencode Table Maintenance program (normally located under the system administration menu) and in the Taxcode Maintenance program (normally located on the Sales Tax Menu).  The sales tax information in these files is then used when assigning the Taxtype and Taxcode (loading the fields) in new or existing Customer and Shipto records.

For more information about the sales tax system, sales tax set up and processing procedures please refer to the Sales Tax Documentation.


Enter the customers in to the Company Master file