Shop Floor System Startup Overview

This section describes the tasks that must be completed in order to prepare the Shop Floor System for transaction processing. 

The Shop Floor system uses data from several different StreamV applications, including the product and warehouse management systems, and the general ledger system.  The Shop Floor system should be normally be set up after other basic systems and data have been configured and prepared for system start up.

The startup tasks that are specific to the Shop Floor system include

      Setting up the Bills of Materials for the items that you sell as kits, and the items that you physically assemble or manufacture in house.


The following data and systems should be loaded and configured before you begin Shop Floor Processing

Product Management.  The top level and component items that will be used by the system for kit and shop order processing should be set up in the Product Catalog file.  The related table data, such as product lines, product groups, etc.  should also be loaded.

General Ledger.  The General Ledger System should  


Shop Floor System Startup Tasks