Splitting a Sales Order Line

The Split Line option is available in both the StreamV and the StreamII systems and it is typically used to split off the shippable portion of a sales order line when the entire quantity ordered is not available for shipment.  The split line option is also used for scheduled shipments (where one sales order line is entered for the total quantity ordered by the customer and amounts are split off from that line on a regular basis and shipped to the customer for example a customer orders a quantity of 1000 but wants them shipped at the rate of 100 per month).

When the split line option is used, the customer purchase order and internal purchase order information from the original sales order line (if any has been entered) is automatically copied to the new sales order line that is created by the option.

The split line option may not be used for vendor shipment lines as the system automatically creates PO requisition records that are tied to or associated with the original sales order lines on the order when the vendor order is saved.

If a PO is placed for a vendor shipment line and the sales order line is then split, the PO line quantity will no longer match the sales order quantity and the no purchase order lines will exist for the split (the new) order line.