Submit Customer Name Change

The Submit Customer Name Change Program can be used to change the name of an existing customer to a new name or to consolidate the history of two different customer records.   Customer name changes are usually performed due to the following reasons.

      The Customer name was entered incorrectly and the Customer and any other records in the system for the Customer need to be updated with the correct name.

      The Customer Name has changed due to the customer being purchased by another company, or the customer changing their legal name, or for some other reason.

      Two customer records exist in your system for the same customer and you want to consolidate the history and information for the customer into only one customer record (this is an example of a consolidation).

The current StreamV application uses the Customer Name field as the unique identifier for a specific customer and the documents and transactions for the customer.  This means that changing the customer name requires the system to update the customer record and any other transactions or documents associated with the customer.  This ensures that the proper documents and transactions remain associated with the customer record.

Notes on Customer Name Change Processing

      The Submit Customer Name Change program only submits a request to the system for a specific name change.  The Process Name Changes program is the program that actually changes the customer record and related documents from the old to the new name.  This Process Name Changes program is normally run after hours to ensure that transactions for the customer are not being created as the customer name is updated and to reduce the load on the system during normal operating hours (the process program can update a large amount of data depending on the customer being processed).

      It is important to note that once the history for two different customers has been combined or consolidated, there is NO automatic way to restore the separate detail for the companies.  Therefore, any required history for the two accounts should be printed or otherwise obtained before the name change is processed.  The printed information may be the only way to identify the transactions that belonged to each company before the name change once the processor has combined them.

      The Customer Name is used to print many documents in the system and in many cases is not stored in the document.  This means that you may need to print out or make images of original documents in order to be able to reprint them exactly as originally issued.  Depending on your legal record keeping requirements you may need to create images of documents before processing name changes or not process name changes at all (by just deactivating and then creating new customer accounts as necessary).


Process Customer Name Changes