Summary Billing - Process Description

On a periodic basis the "Summary Billing" program is run to consolidate invoices in to a summary invoice.  This program functions as follows.

1.  The user is prompted to select a customer to consolidate invoices for.  A popup list of customers is displayed for the operator to choose a customer from.  Once the customer is selected the system prompts the user to enter a date range.  Future revisions of the system will support the creation of summary invoices for multiple customers in one session.

2.  The system searches through the open invoices to find all the open invoices in the date range specified.  These invoices are then closed and a new invoice is created with the total amount of the invoices that have been closed.  As this is done Journal Entries are created to provide an audit trail and allow for easy inquiry.

3.  As the system consolidates the invoices a report is printed listing the detail invoices and the invoice number of the summary invoice.


Summary Billing - Technical Notes