Verifying that an invoice was posted properly

Use the AP Vendor Lookup program to FIND the vendor and display the invoices that have been entered for that vendor.  The new invoice will appear along with the other open and closed invoices for the vendor.  To see the actual journal entry associated with the invoice, the operator highlights the appropriate invoice and presses the ENTER key.  Alternatively, the operator may use the Journal Entry Proof report to print or display a copy of the journal entry associated with the invoice.  The journal entry will have a status of "P" if it was successfully posted to the system.  If the JE was not successfully posted, the journal entry will not appear in the Vendor Lookup "journal detail window" and the entry will have a status of "N" or "V".  If a journal entry with a type of "N" or "V" is discovered, the operator should immediately contact a system level operator (sysop) or Cove Systems personnel for assistance.  Journal entries of this type can cause the GL and the AP sub-ledger to become unbalanced and they should be corrected as soon as possible.


Auditing Accounts Payable Activity