Viewing and Editing a Contact Record

Contact records can be viewed or edited from a few different places in the CRM system.  The “Views” or programs from which detailed contact information can be edited include the following.

      Contact Manager

      Customer Manager

      Company Lookup

The following procedures can be used to view or update a customer record from each of these locations.

Contact Manager

1.  Select the Contact Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Select the appropriate contact record.  The contact can be selected in a few different ways.

1.  By entering the contact name (or a portion of it) into the first or last name fields in the program and pressing the FIND keys.  This action will cause the system to display the contact record most closely matching the information keyed into the field.  Once a contact record is displayed, you may use the FIND PREVIOUS and FIND NEXT keys to scroll through the contact records until the correct contact is displayed in the View.

2.  By pressing the EXPAND button next to the Contact Number field.  This brings up the Contact Selection List.  The Contact Selection list allows you to display and locate the contacts in your system based on the contact first or last name, the company the contact is associated with or the rep the contact is associated with.  The sequence used for displaying and locating the Contact records can be selected by pressing the appropriate column header in the selection list.  Once a display sequence has been selected you can search for a specific record by keying in the appropriate information and pressing the ENTER key.  At this point, the system locates and displays the record most closely matching the information you specified.  Once the correct contact record is highlighted in the Contact Selection List you may press the ENTER key to select the record and load it into the Contact Manager.

3.  Make any required changes to the contact record.  Note:  Certain

Customer Manager

1.  Select the Customer Manager from the CRM Pull-down menu.

2.  Locate and select the company that the contact is associated with.

3.  Once the correct company is loaded into the Customer Manager, you may display the contacts associated with the company by pressing the Contact Tab. 

4.  To select a contact from the list, you should select or highlight the correct contact record and then double-click the mouse or press the ZOOM key.  This will cause the Contact Detail panel to be displayed.  The panel will be automatically loaded with the information for the selected contact.

5.  Once the correct contact information is displayed in the Contact Detail panel, you may view or change the contact record as required.  You should save any changes to the record by pressing the SAVE key or by clicking the SAVE button


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