Void an AP Invoice

The system does not allow the operator to delete an AP invoice once it has been entered into the system.  If an invoice has been entered into the system incorrectly and it needs to be removed or canceled, the operator must create a credit memo to offset the invoice.  The credit memo may then be applied to the original invoice to close both invoices and remove them from the open payables report.

      Select the AP Invoice Entry program from the menu.  Create a credit memo (to correct a positive invoice) or invoice (to correct a credit memo) to offset the invoice that was entered incorrectly.  The invoice amount should be the opposite of the invoice to be removed from the system (for example -$100.00  to correct a $100.00 invoice) and the invoice amounts should be charged to the same GL accounts as the original incorrect invoice.

      Use the AP Vendor Lookup program to display all of the open invoices for the vendor whose invoice is to be voided.  Once the invoices are displayed, write down the register number of the credit memo and the invoice that are to be applied to each other.

      Select the AP Credit Memo Application program from the AP Utilities menu. Apply the credit memo to the invoice to be removed from the system.

      Verify that the invoices have been closed.  Select the AP Invoice Lookup program from the menu. FIND the vendor whose invoices were just offset and press the ENTER key.  Once the ENTER key is pressed, the system will display all open and closed invoices for the vendor.  Highlight the invoice that was offset with the light bar and press the EXPAND key.  Once the EXPAND key is pressed, the system will display detailed information about the invoice.  The current amount of the invoice should be zero and the Check Number field should be filled with 9's.  Repeat the procedure with the credit memo or other offsetting invoice.


Selecting Invoices for Payment