Void or Remove an AP Check

This procedure voids an AP check.  The invoice amounts paid with the check are reopened, the Cash and Accounts Payable GL accounts are updated (Cash is increased and AP is increased) and the check amount in the bank file is set to zero.  A check that has been voided may not be re-issued.  This procedure should be performed when a check has been printed on the correct form with incorrect information or when a check has been mauled by the printer and is not suitable for mailing.  This procedure might also be used when a check is returned by the vendor due to an overpayment, etc. Note:  The operator should pay particular attention to the period in which the check will be voided (if a check is voided in a prior period and not reissued in the same period, the ending AP General Ledger balance will be changed but the end of period AP reports will not reflect the change).

      Determine which check needs to be voided or removed from the system (if removed the check number may be reissued from the same cash account.  If the check is voided, it may not be reissued from the same cash account).

      Determine which GL period the check transaction was posted to.  The Void an AP check program will void or remove the check in the period that the operator is currently assigned to (operator period).  Care should be taken with checks issued in prior periods since voiding or removing the check in a prior period will not only update the GL in a potentially closed period, but it will also change the un-reproducible report that was printed at the end of the period. If a check must be voided in a prior period, the operator should note any change in writing on the month end Open AP report(s) that are affected.

      Select the Void an AP Check program from the AP Utilities menu.  Accept or change the default cash account that appears at the top of the selection screen, and enter the check number to be voided in the appropriate field, and press the FIND key.  The system then displays information about the check including the vendor, amount, status etc.

      Once the correct check record is displayed, press the enter key to select the check, and determine if the check should be removed or voided.  Enter a "V" or an "R" in the appropriate field, and run the program.  The system will reopen the invoice, update the bank file, cash and AP accounts and print a report that will list any problems encountered during the process.  If the check void report indicates a problem (increase to open AP not equal to change in GL), the problem must be corrected.  This type of problem is rare and it may require use of the off line editors.  If an error is encountered and you are unsure how to proceed with fixing it, you may want to contact Cove Systems personnel or the system administrator for assistance.


Cross Applying AP and AR Invoices