XML Order Import

The XML Order Import program allows you to import customer orders that are submitted to you in xml format.

The XML Order Import program is a standard program that is used to process a standard xml import file.  A custom conversion routine (supplied by Cove and specific to each customer input file format), and a microsoft xml conversion utility are used by the XML Order Import program to first convert your customers xml file into our standard format, and then create orders or quotes from the standard input file.

The XML Order Import program is used to import orders for one customer at a time.  The program allows you to import the customer orders as quotes (using the checkbox) or to create them as quotes and then convert them to sales orders (which will reserve inventory).  If a quote cannot be converted for some reason (ie it has an invalid item, or no shipping address for the order or customer being processed), it is left as a quote so that an operator can identify and correct any problems.

Account Prompt

The Account prompt button is used to activate the Customer Lookup program, which allows you to search for and select from the valid customers in your system.

The customer or customer account that you select will be used for the Billto Company or Customer on the orders or quotes created in the program.

XML Doc Prompt

The XML Doc Prompt is used to select the input file to be processed.  This input file (provided by your customer) should be in xml format and it should be located in the directory specified by the system parameter F248:XMLINDIR.  This directory should also contain the custom conversion routine delivered for the file format by Cove Systems and the msxsl.exe microsoft xml conversion program.  All of these components are used by the XML Order Import process.

Import as Quotes Checkbox

If the Import as Quotes Checkbox is checked, the system will import the orders in the xml input file as quotes or type Q orders that do not reserve inventory.  If the box is not checked, the system will create the orders as quotes and convert them on the fly.  Any orders that cannot be converted from quotes due to errors, are left as quotes.  Notes are added to the quote to indicate what problems were encountered, and the error is also noted on the report produced by the program.

Test Limit

The Test Limit window allows you to specify the maximum number of orders to be processed by the program.  This option is usefull when you are testing a new file format and want to make sure the orders are being created correctly before you process the entire contents of the input file.

For an overview of the XML Order Import process and more information about the parameters used by the program, please use the following link.

Importing XML Orders


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