Accounts Payable Features

      Extensive and powerful lookup programs, and operational and management reports, provide the information needed to make fast and accurate decisions.

      Multiple ways to review vendor invoice detail and account totals. 

      Inquiry programs and reports allow you to quickly review and research AP invoice distributions to the general ledger. 

      Open accounts payable reports (Cash Requirements reports, Open AP by Vendor, etc) allow you to report unpaid invoices in "Due Date", scheduled "Payment Date", or Vendor sequence. 

      Historical reports and look up screens also allow access to the complete history of vendor activity, allowing analysis of vendor usage for leverage in further purchasing. 

      The AP Disbursements, AP Register, and AP Journal reports that are provided with the system provide a complete audit trail of accounts payable activity

      Integration with the General Ledger: Accounts Payable invoices, credit memos, payments and adjustments are posted to the appropriate general ledger accounts on an on-line basis during transaction entry.

      Integration with PO and Receiving: Accounts Payable invoices for inventory purchases are reconciled with purchase order and receiving records during AP invoice entry.  Any variances between the invoice amount and the amount of inventory received from the vendor must be accounted for as each invoice is processed.

      Imaging and Document Storage.  Invoices can be scanned before, during or after the invoice is entered into the system, and multiple images, files, or other documents can be attached to vendor or invoice records on the fly.

      Laser Check Printing

      Easy Expense Distribution. 

      Charge an invoice to a single General Ledger (GL) account, or spread it between several accounts.  Auto distribution options allow you to default a set of accounts or a pre-defined expense distribution during invoice entry.

      Multi-user, Real-time, On-line

      No "file busy" messages.

      Fully simultaneous entry/access.

      Enter/post manual checks in one step.

      Automatically create and print checks for invoices due for payment.

      Print and post AP checks singly or in batches.

      Automatically Void and Un-post a single check.

      Check Register by range of dates or check numbers, for a single Vendor or all Vendors, with or without AP invoice and/or GL detail.

      AP Lookups allow searching for an invoice by Register number, PO number, Vendor Name, or by Invoice number. 

      AP PayDate Management program provides an easy, and fast method for managing the payment scheduling of all open Invoices

      Fast and Efficient AP Invoice Entry

      Automatic Pay date Calculation

      Default pay date by invoice terms.

      Default pay date by vendor and company policy.

      Partial Payment Support

      Pre-schedule multiple payments

      Automatic Discount Calculation

      Determine whether or not to take discount at check printing time.

      Option to always take discount.

      Easy Check Reconciliation

      Tracks open or un-cleared checks

      Maintains current bank balances.

      Store fixed and variable monthly AP invoices.

      Duplicate Invoice control by Vendor

      Optional Bar Code printing for fast payment selection.

      Flexible Reporting supports output to screen, printer, or file.  Reports can be directly exported into excel.

      SQL based  AP Query and Vendor Query programs allow you to quickly generate custom reports using standard SQL queries.  Numerous standard queries are provided.

      Standard Accounts Payable reports allow you to quickly view your current payables balances, determine your cash requirements, and obtain detailed accounts payable transaction history.

      Transaction History by Vendor report.  Produces a report of all AP activity for each Vendor within a selected range of dates or accounting period(s).  Selections include single or multiple vendors, summary only or detail options, selections on Include or exclude paid, open, and voided invoices.

      Cash Disbursements Journal reports all payments from the General Ledger Cash account between a range of dates

      Cash Requirements by Due Date reports all open payables through a selected Due Date for one Vendor, selected types of Vendors, or all Vendors.

      Cash Requirements by Pay Date reports all open payables through a selected Pay Date for one Vendor, selected types of Vendors, or all Vendors.

      Open Accounts Payable and Accounts Payable Aging reports  show all or selected open payables.  Report selections include Pay Date or Due Date range, for all Vendors or a single Vendor.

      Proposed Disbursements report produces a report of proposed payments prior to check printing.  This report is used to preview a check run

      AP Transaction Report shows all AP activity for a selected period of time or a range of Register numbers.

      AP Account Journal produces a report of all activity in the General Ledger AP account for the specified date range.

      Aged Accounts Payable report ages payables for a single Vendor or all Vendors.  Aging periods are user definable and invoices are aged based on the invoice terms.


Accounts Payable Overview