Accounts Payable Overview

This section provides an Overview of the StreamV Accounts Payable System.  It describes the main activities that are perfomed with the accounts payable system and it provides an overview of the various options that available in the system.  The topics which are described in this section include.

      AP Invoice Processing Provides a short description of how expense and inventory related vendor invoices are processed.   This section also describes Active and Submitted invoice processing.

      AP Dates Describes the various date fields that are stored in each accounts payable invoice and how these dates are used by the system during accounts payable processing

      AP Three Way Matching Describes how the three way matching process is used to reconcile the inventory receiving and or vendor shipment activity for each vendor to the accounts payable invoices for the vendor.

      AP Remittance Options Details the remittance options that are available in the system when processing vendor payments.  This section describes the vendor remit to address, and how ap invoices may be assigned from one vendor to another vendor for payment.  

      AP Payment Processing Describes the options that are available in the system for issuing payments to your vendors.

      AP Tax Processing Outlines the options that are available in the system for calculating and tracking tax amounts (usually VAT) , in the accounts payable system.

      Multi-Currency Accounts Payable Describes the processing of foreign currency accounts payable invoices.

      Automated AP Invoice Processing Lists the options that are available for automatically importing and processing accounts payable invoices and related transactions.  This section also describes the Advanced Shipment Notification system.


Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable Dates

AP Three Way Matching

AP Remittance Options

Accounts Payable Payment Processing

AP Tax Processing

Multi-Currency Accounts Payable

Purchasing and AP Processing

Automated Purchasing and AP Processing