Accounts Payable Invoice Source Codes

The Source field in each AP Register record is used to track where the AP invoice came from.  The source field is used mainly by internal auditing programs. The following table shows the valid AP Invoice Source codes that are supported in the Stream V System.





Blank – Invoices created using the old accounts payable entry program (FV082S21)


AP Entry – Invoices created using the Accounts Payable Entry program are assigned a source code of “AP”


Assignment - This source code indicates the AP Entry Program automatically created the invoice when an invoice was assigned to another vendor for payment.  AP records with a source of AS store the register number of the invoice they were created from in the PO field of the register record.


Beginning Balance - This source code indicates that the invoice was brought over from a prior system.  The value of the invoice at the point of conversion should be recorded in the CONV_BAL field of these invoices in order to ensure that they are handled properly by the accounts payable audit routines.


EDI – The ED source code is used to identify AP invoices that have been automatically created by EDI processing programs.


Price Protection (Not yet implemented).  This source will be assigned to AP credit memos which are created by the Vendor Price Protection program.


Return Disposition. This source is assigned to AP invoices which are created when a non-immediate return to vendor is disposed of by creating an accounts payable invoice in the Pending Management program.


Return to Vendor - Return to Vendor.  This source is assigned to AP invoices created when an immediate return to vendor is processed using the Invoicing/Order Completion program


Accounts Payable Invoice Type Codes