Accounts Receivable Sub-ledger Management

StreamV allows you to maintain multiple accounts receivable subledgers in order to allow tracking customers by ledger in both the AR and the GL systems. An accounts receivable subledger is a group of accounts receivable invoices. A minimum of one accounts receivable subledger must be maintained on the system.  Additional subledgers can be maintained in order to classify and report on invoices by company type (Group Company, Holding Company, or Third Party) or based on the likelihood of collecting payment (normal receivables vs. doubtful accounts). The accounts receivable subledger that each invoice belongs to is based on the AR autopost number stored in the invoice.  A general ledger control account is maintained for each accounts receivable subledger that will be used on the system.  The autopost number stored in each invoice determines the accounts receivable control account that is updated when the invoice balance is processed by sales posting, payment processing, etc.  The autopost number in each invoice can also be used to produce reports for a single subledger or for all subledgers.  In general, each account receivable subledger balance should match the total in the general ledger control account for the subledger plus any sales that have not been posted to the General Ledger.


AR Sub-ledger Management - Invoice Creation

AR Sub-ledger Management - Moving Invoices between AR Sub-ledgers

AR Sub-ledger Management - Reporting

AR Sub-ledger Management - Implementation, Technical Notes