AR Sub-ledger Management - Moving Invoices between AR Sub-ledgers

In some cases it may be necessary to reclassify or reassign the accounts receivable invoices for a company from one subledger to another.  A good example would be if you maintain a subledger for doubtful accounts.  If the invoices for a company may not be collected, and you wish to track them separately from your other accounts receivable, you can maintain a doubtful accounts subledger and move invoices to this sub-ledger when they are determined to be doubtful.  Invoices can be moved between the different accounts receivable subledgers using the Invoice Inquiry Program.  The Invoice Inquiry program allows you to view all accounts receivable invoices that have been created on the system.  The program also allows you to select open invoices and to move them from one accounts receivable sub-ledger to another using the Change AR Autopost option available from the pull down Menu.  A system parameter (F248:056S10CA) is used to control access to this feature and this parameter must be set to Y for each user that should have access.

The normal procedure for moving invoices from one subledger to another is.

•      Select the Invoice Inquiry program from the menu and select the BillTo display sequence to display the invoices in order of company name.

•      Find the open invoices for the company to be moved and “tag” them using the spacebar.

•      Select the Change AR Autopost feature from the pull down menu.  When this option is selected, the system will display a list of the valid accounts receivable control accounts.  At this point, you should select the autopost that you would like to reassign the invoices to by highlighting it and pressing the ENTER key.  The system will then make a journal entry for each invoice being transferred to adjust the two accounts receivable control accounts as required.

•      If additional invoices will be created for the company just processed, you can optionally edit the Company Master record and re-assign the company to a different autopost number.  This ensures that any future invoices for the Company will be assigned to the sub-ledger that the existing invoices were moved to.


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