Accounts Receivable System Training Outline

This section provides a list of the topics that are presented during accounts receivable training.  These topics are described in detaul in other sections of this document.

1.  Accounts Receivable File Structures/Design Overview

1.  Invoice Header File

2.  Invoice Line Item File

3.  AR Check File

4.  Journal Entry File

5.  Sales Posting Temp File

6.  Paytemp File

2.  Invoice Creation and Posting Methods.

1.  Invoicing/Order Completion

2.  Payment Entry

3.  Other (RA System, Finance Charges)

3.  Daily Processing Procedures

1.  Daily Startup Procedures

2.  Processing Cash, Check and Credit Card Receipts

3.  Processing Prepayments, Overpayments, and Debit Memos

4.  Applying AR credit memos to open invoices

5.  Processing Parent and Finance Company Payments

6.  Writing off Invoice Balances during Payment Entry

7.  Processing Invoice Adjustments

8.  AR Deposit Processing

9.  Processing NSF checks/Reversing a Payment

10. Issuing a Refund Check

11. Cross Applying AR and AP Balances

12. Sales Posting

13. Re-posting Sales

14. Placing Overdue accounts on Hold

15. Applying Finance Charges

4.  Auditing Daily Accounts Receivable Activity

1.  Balancing the AR Sub-ledger

2.  Balancing the AR Sub-ledger to the AR Control Account

5.  Monthly or End Of Period Processing

1.  Closing the period

2.  Changing the  Period

3.  Month End Maintenance Processing

6.  Year End Processing

1.  Closing the Year

2.  Changing the Year

3.  Year End Maintenance Processing

7.  Error Correction and special processing procedures

1.  Invoice Register - GL Posting errors

8.  Payment Activity errors

9.  Other errors

10. Questions and answers, design or enhancement topics.


Accounts Receivable Error Messages