Accounts Receivable Error Messages

This section provides information about the error messages that may appear on standard accounts receivable reports. 

Standard AR reports including the Invoice Register and Accounts Receivable Journal perform audit functions as they are run.  These audit routines are used to identify problems that may have occurred during system setup or transaction processing.  The audit routines are included in standard reports which are used on a daily basis so that any errors found by the system can be brought to the attention of the appropriate persons as soon as possible.

The audits performed by the accounts receivable reports can generally be classified as either Sales Posting errors or as Payment Activity errors

      Sales posting errors are errors that will affect the batch Sales Posting process that is used to record sales in the general ledger.  Sales posting errors should be corrected before sales for the period are posted as these errors can prevent this batch process from being completed successfully.  Sales posting errors are produced by the Invoice Register report when it is run with the Audit GL Posting selection set to Y.

      Payment Activity errors are produced when the system detects that the payment and adjustment activity recorded in each invoice does not match the general ledger payment and adjustment totals for that specific invoice.  These errors indicate that there was a failure during on-line payment and adjustment processing.  Payment activity errors can be produced by both the Invoice Register and the Accounts Receivable Journal report.

More details about each of these error types are presented in the following sections.


Sales Posting Errors

Payment activity errors