Address Validation

Address Validation can be used to validate or verify customer or ship to address information.  The Address validation utility uses USPS (US Postal Service) addressing standards when validating each address being processed.

Address Validation is supported in the Customer Manager and Ship to Manager programs in StreamV.

The address validation option can be used to validate.

      The Primary address for the customer

      The Billto address for each customer

      Ship to Address records.

The Address Validation utility is activated by pressing the Validate Button that is located next to the Customer Address and Billto Address fields in the Customer Manager program, or the Validate Address Button that is located in the Ship to Detail panel. 

When the Validate button is pressed, the system activates the Address Validation Panel and it loads the Panel with the selected customer or ship to address information.  The minimum amount of information that is required for address validation is

Street Address and Zip


Street Address, City and State

A validation panel is displayed with the suggested address.  Minimum entry is street address and zip, or Street address, city, & state.  Uses USPS addressing standards ● Named field 235 in Company file to Residential_AD.  Residential flag in Company master and Shipto is set by the address validation

● Note - there is a per address charge for address validation.  From August 1 to Sept 31, 2009 existing Cove customers can us it for free.


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