CRM Overview

The Customer Relationship Module is designed to be your primary customer service and sales support tool.  It allows you to create, maintain, and access a large amount of information from one centralized location.  The information in the CRM module is stored in various files in the StreamV database structure and it is used by or can come from several different but integrated systems.

The CRM Module is used to create and maintain the Customer and Contact records for the entities or resources you do business with.  It is also used to gather and organize various types of marketing and other information about your contacts and customers as you continue to do business with them.  In addition, the CRM system allows you to view current status and historical information about entities and their transactions.  The purpose of this application is to enable you to view all relevant information about your customers and contacts from one place, and to allow you to process transactions for them with a minimum of time and effort.

This section presents an overview of the CRM Module.  It describes some of the systems and tools that are used during CRM processing and it provides you with a description of some of the main database files that are used or available in the various programs in the module.  The topics, processes and concepts that are presented here are also described in more detail in the Daily Weekly and Monthly processing sections of this document.  They are presented here in order to give you a basic idea of what each component of the CRM system is, and how it can be used.


Customer and Contact Creation and Maintenance

Customer Names and Account Numbers

Customer and Contact Status and History

ShipTo Address Creation and Maintenance

Address Validation

Customer Comments

Company Item Comments

Customer Cross Reference Item Management

Opportunity Management

Customer Scripting and Profiling

Checking Inventory Availability and Pricing Information

Viewing and Maintaining Special Pricing Information

Customer Required Documents