Advanced Tab Page

The Advanced Tab Page is used to display some fields that are not frequently used during processing.  The fields currently displayed in this Tab Page include.

Ticket Bill:  Used to identify orders that should be automatically converted to loaner or type L sales orders prior to invoicing.  The Ticket Bill field is used to force the orders being processed for a customer to be converted to Loaners so that multiple shipments for the customer can be combined on a single invoice.  The individual shipments for the customer are processed as Loaners, and Pending records are created for each item and quantity shipped to the customer.  Later, the Ticket Billing process can be used to clear the Pending records for the customer and generate an invoice for the total of the goods shipped to the customer for a specific date range.

Basis Xrate:  Used for the currency surcharge system this is an advanced feature that is currently not available in StreamV.

Hold History:  Displays the holds that have been placed on the selected order (regardless of whether the order is currently on hold or not).


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