Order Entry

The Sales Order Entry program is used to create and to modify (edit) sales orders, quotes, and loaner orders. 

The Sales Order Entry program can be called directly from the menu, and it can also be called from the Customer Manager, Customer Management, Sales Order Management, POS, and other programs. 

The following links can be used to view more information about Order Processing in StreamV

Sales Order Processing Overview

Loaner Processing

Quote Processing

The Order Entry program contains includes multiple different objects (buttons, menus, tab pages) and several features that speed up data entry and editing.  The following sections describe the components in the Sales Order Entry program, and provide information about the options that are available in the program.


Header Section

Order Lines Tab Page

Shipping Information Tab Page

Order Info Tab Page

Comments Tab Page

Advanced Tab Page

Insert - Order Entry Item Panel

Insert Line Button - Order Entry Item Panel

Zoom - Order Entry Item Panel

Edit Line Button - Order Entry Item Panel

Delete Order Button